Name this please

While I was walking down that road
I was half awake and half asleep
Then I passed by you and you smiled at me
And that moment stretched for eternity
And my purpose of stepping out of my precious sleep 
Was complete

Didn’t left with anything to do
I let my steps take me
In whichever way they fancied
Again I crossed paths with you
But I didn’t quite know how to react
To your ubiquitous smile
Do they demand an answer, a question
An apology for being late by by a mile?

So I chose the easiest way out
And avoided eye contact this time
I heard your footsteps pass by me
Your giggles brushed my ears as they went
And I was left in an oblivion
Devoid of sensitivity
Of time or date or existence 

(to be continued…) 

Published by abloggerkid

Just another teenager... with a knack for writing

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